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The body style pushes the neck  more towards the body of the guitar. Shortening the "reach" to the first fret.

This was engineered to accommodate the unique playing style of Luis Bettencourt.
$1700 & up

Standard​ equipment:

  • 5A Flame Maple Neck

  • Schaller Tuners

  • Bleached Bone Nut

  • Gunstock Oil Finish

  • Gaboon Ebony Fretboard

  • Stainless Steel Frets

  • Mother Of Pearl Dots

  • Rear Mounted- Stacked Duncans

  • Hipshot Fixed Bridge

  • 1-piece body  (when available) with Mayan Sun dial with Ebony

  • Bourns Volume Control with Treble Bleed Circuit

  • Cavity Shielded

  • Emerson Oil in Cap Tone Control

  • Magnetically Attached Rear Covers

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