fatfinger Vintage F Model with RhinoCAM 2018

Start your dream guitar project quickily this file comes complete with RhinoCAM 2018 toolpaths.
Vintage F- With the well known pickup configuration routing made famous in the later 70s, this guitar is designed to match the 6 screw tremelo mounting style.

Modern Neck Dimensions (Adjust the model or toolpaths to your own specs!)
12 inch radius fretboard
1.650 wide X .794 thick at the nut
.900 at 12th fret
.3dm files

fatfinger Vintage F Model with RhinoCAM 2018

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  • This guitar is in no way, shape of form an exact replica of any current guitar.  Therefore, any stock equipment, pickguards, or pre existing guitar necks, may not be compatible with the result of using these files.  This body will only fit and intonate with the accompanying neck files enclosed.
    Bridge-The bridge location may differ depending on the brand and style used. 
    Headstock- The tuners holes in these drawing may need to be altered to fit the diameter and size of your tuners.
    Neck- The truss rod channel in these drawings may need to be altered to fit the length, width, and depth of your particular truss rod. 
    Rear String Ferrules-The dimensions and depth of the string ferrules (if used) differ between styles and manufactures. It will be important to change any parameters to match your ferrules.
    It will be important to change any parameters to match your specific hardware.

    These files contain registration or locating pin routes to assist with cutting both front and rear.  Your method to hold down the material may interfere with this pin locations.  You may also substitute this method with an alternative of your own liking.  The body profile contains 2 machining tabs to keep the work within the stock when routing the outer profile.  These will need to be sanded away by hand or alternative method.
    You should have a working knowledge of CAD(Computer Aided Drafting) ,CAM (Computer Aided Machining), and CNC machining.  
    Please note the default CAM processing created in these files are compatible with RhinoCam 2020 and are ready for the MACH3 Post Processor.  Any other CAM processing application may not be able to extract the toolpaths.
    If you are using another Post Processor, it is your responsiblity to post the rhinocam files correctly. 

    Please note the sizes of the endmills used in the CAM processing.  It is your responsiblity to edit any machining tools, speed and feed rates, and depths per cut from the default options in these files to be compatible with the end mills and hardness of your particular wood stock that you are using.

    All machining code (rhinocam and mach3 post processor) should be simulated on your own machine prior to use of final product and adjustments made for for your specific application, machine, and software.

    All files located in this zip folder are for informational and personal use only. Any files used to mass produce or create for the purpose of selling instruments is strictly prohibited and will be prosecuted accordingly.   This includes the reselling of the files enclosed for personal or company gain.
    fatfinger guitars will not responsible for any injuries incurred, damages, loss, or liabilities due to the use of any of the files purchased. 

    Always follow best practice proceedures, including the use proper safety equipment while using this files and operating machinery.

    By using these files you are agreeing to the terms and information listed above.

    -fatfinger guitars 2020